Friday, 11 May 2007

Rub a Dub Dub

Today, just for a laugh, the four of us had a 'family bath' together. Mostly it speaks volumes of how bored we were, and also how curious we were about whether it could be done in our tiny bath in our tiny bathroom. Much to our amusement we discovered it could.

I had originally snuck downstairs with a paperback for some much-needed 'me time', but as luck would have it, Egg was on to me and stealthily tracked me to the loo, promptly disrobed and clambered in (but not before promising that he would NOT make a pee pee, a poo poo, or a 'dia-ree-rah' in the bath).

Given that we often forget to bathe Dumpie, Jay took full advantage of my soapy state and shortly thereafter deposited the Chubby Chicken (that would be Noah...a nickname appropro of his fleshy legs) into my bubble bath as well. I noticed with some trepidation that the water was no longer clear but rather dingy looking. Nevermind....a family that bathes together stays together...right?....right?

Anyway, saddled with two dirty babies in a bath and nowhere to run, I half-jokingly suggested that Jay climb in. He did.

Rub a dub dub four slobs in a tub, as squashed as they can be...

When it became clear that we were all rather uncomfortable and toes were straying into rather dubious regions, there was nothing to do save jump out and commit the experience to memory. I snapped several photos of the fella's and grabbed the slippery Chicken and clambered up to the bedroom. I left Jay and Egg discussing various bodily functions and parts and wondered vaguely how on earth i ended up in this family of boys. Very foreign. Very smelly. Very outnumbered.

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