Friday, 11 May 2007

Hurrah! The Weekend!

Well one interesting thing has happend since jay started his new job two weeks ago...I find myself LONGING for the weekend for the first time in a long time. When you're stuck in the monotonous daily grind of munchkin rearing, the days all blend into one long mishmash of vomit, peanut butter sandwiches, dirty nappies, feeding and mismatched sock locating. (thanks to grandma the boys have a combined total of over 100 pairs and they can be found hidden in every nook and cranny of our flat.)

Last weekend was spent out in the West End procuring a new set of threads for my newly professional husband. This weekend, after a tip from a friend, we are off to the Science Museum where we are told there is a wonderfully chaotic (God give me strength) place called, "Digger World' on the bottom level. Apparently various assorted Dad's can be found off-duty tractor riding with grubby, over-enthusiastic little boys. Apparently. Maybe there will be a little cafe where Ollie Dumpie and i can retire for a spot of tea and a yummy cake :)

Egg is currently obsessed with all things boyish at the moment (which should come as a relief to my dad and jay especially - who were beginning to worry about his penchant for trying on my shoes and strutting about with my more glam handbags...not to mention his almost pathalogical knowledge of foodstuffs and baking)

But i digress. What i mean to say is that after five loooong days of the week, i can count on two days of shared childcare. Ah...perchance a bath, or maybe a chapter of a book, or maybe a movie to (finally) watch or maybe....sleep blessed sleep?

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