Friday, 11 May 2007

A Fresh Perspective

This morning as I fell exhausted out of bed, wiping my infants runny nose and descending down into the depths of hell (ie. our demolished kitchen wherein Egg had earlier deposited an entire 4 litres of semi-skimmed organic), I thought to myself, "Ain't life grand?"

Before, my life lacked meaning. I had too much time on my hands to read books (what a waste of time), watch movies (they're all rubbish these days), email friends (pointless dribbling), take long hot baths (dries out your skin), and sleep (wasting your life away). It's a good thing that my life now has a purpose. The skills involved in toddler maintenance have stretched my strategic skills to their limit. Finding new and wonderful places in a bursting-at-the-seams two bedroom inner city flat to hide my chocolate stash takes great ingenuity. Learning to stabilise and surf on a constantly wet and sticky kitchen floor has helped improve my inner core stability way more than my MBT's ever could.

Thinking up new recipes around threemain ingredients (cheese, cheerios and peanut butter) has forced me to stretch my capacities in the kitchen and invent new palatable recipes on a daily basis. Dealing with fecal matter several times a day has rendered my vast collection of creams, potions and lotions obsolute. No point really - and thats a huge financial savings.

So really i should thank my lucky stars that such a varied and open-ended career has opened up for me. Before I was merely drifting like a smug self-centered 'girl-about-town' and now i'm........buggered. ho hum.

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