Friday, 11 May 2007

Blessed Are the Grandparents...For They Shall Inherit..?"

Well so far so good...kind of. I mean aside from some low-grade destruction (expensive sunscreen chucked over balcony, watering carpets with apple juice, getting clay and play-doh stuck in every available crevice, binning Dad's night tooth guard...) everything seems to be going well. Egg is absolutely LOVING all the attention, breakfasts with Grandpa, splashing in the pool, swimming in the ocean and scarfing as many powdered donuts as he can when we're not looking.

Noah on the other hand is content to laze about with his plump chubby chicken legs on Grandpa's lap and taking swipes at the remote control. He has managed to keep his sick up to a minimun and thus has improved the level of bonding with Grandpa. Those two are as tight as you like. (This may be in part to two ditches we pulled on Grandpa so far, leaving him with BOTH kids while we a) went for a long beach walk and sipped marguarita's and b) took the rented Harley Davidson motorcycle for an extended cruise through town and a cappucino at Starbucks. Both times we arrived back here to find the place upside and Grandpa's hands full - quite literally! Noah refused to be anywhere but cuddled in Granpa's arms outside on the balcony and Egg apparently had a full-on half-hour long tantrum when he saw us leave on the bike - something to do with helmets.

Anyway, we're off to St. Augustine shortly - jay on Harley and us in car, for an afternoon of strolling and a nice lunch somewhere. We're hoping for minimum pukage and a no-screaming car ride. Grandpa still remains unconvinced that this is a good idea (will let you know) and his only words of wisdom thus far have been a suggestion that two children are enough and I get my tubes tied.

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