Friday, 11 May 2007

The Fat Worm

I'm going to make this short and sweet because i just finished writing a blog detailing my exciting day on my music site . When i say 'exciting' i of course firmly have my tongue planted in cheek. If you really care to hear what i got up to then by all means do. I think much of my writing is cathartic to be honest, so although i'm pleased of course to have an audience (albeit friends and family) i suspect this is an exercise with as much value for me as anyone reading it (if only to remember some of these anecdotes to relay to Egg and Noah when they're older. My brain is like a sieve these days and otherwise i might be forced to make up stories to replace the ones i don't remember).

I realise i've said very little about darling Noah (aka 'Ollie-Dumpie'...'the chubb-cutlett'...'the fat worm'...'the pooky-bear'....'Chubby Legs'...). This is because he does little more than sleep, eat, play, eat, cuddle, eat, giggle, eat, smile, eat....But let me tell you that when he smiles it's like the world is suddenly a brilliant place to be in. Either i've been spending WAY too much time in the company of a toddler and infant, or he really does have x-ray spec eyes. It's like he's already sussed me and 'gets me'. (Okay, now i really do sound mad so i'll shut up. But for the record it's 100% true.)

Ollie has perfected this amazing worm-like move which can see him squirm up the length of his cot in under a minute. It's fascinating really and i've not seen anything like it before. He virtually bends his body into the shape of a 'C' and then slams his substantial tummy down so as to manoever upwards about 2 inches each time. Then he bangs his Winne the Pooh music box against the rails until one of us comes running and winds it up again. We are always met with a huge beaming grin though, so are happy (for the time being) to remain his loyal servants.

Although only 13 weeks he has been wearing age 6 -12 months clothes for some time now. He has a great head of brown hair, a charming bald-spot on the back of his head (which we are all addicted to stroking...might have something to do with its still being bald), and gleaming blue/green eyes which are as round as m&m's. A rather fashionable little fella, he has a wardrobe to rival most Indie kids and has already rather nicely worn in a few pairs of jeans (he's a fan of 'loose-fit').

For some reason, even though Egg nearly suffocates him each time, Ollie appears rather fond of his elder brothers wet sloppy kisses. I suspect this will change in his teenage years.

The big excitement today was Egg getting a special parcel in the post from 'Grammitay' (that's my ma for those of you who don't know. His other Grandma is 'Granny Sandy'). Literally everyday when i go downstairs to the front door, he follows me halfway down and asks if there is any 'treat' for him. Today was his lucky day as the fat white packet landed with a gentle thud on the wooden floor. As fast as his little legs would carry him, he bounded down, scooped it up and exclaimed excitedly,

"Present for Eggie from Grandma!"

I make a mental note to lecture Grammitay on postage rates when i next speak to her, but i suspect it shall have no effect as Egg has become just as addicted to recieving them as she is no doubt to sending them :)

Well off to bed now. I shall enjoy my pillow briefly before being instructed to 'shove over' and make room for two more fella's before the night is through. And I ain't being saucy. Nite Nite

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