Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"What's the Opposite of a Lullaby?"

Yesterday the husband told me a story about a Korean couple who were charged with manslaughter after their child died of neglect. They were apparently addicted to the internet and the poor child never got a look in (gulp).

Well last night the husband went out for a few drinks with a former colleague who is visiting Bali.

I was put in charge of 'bedtime' (always a bad move) and invariably it ended in tears. The monsters wouldn't let me leave their bedroom as they were scared, sobbing, "Dada always lies with us at night and stays for an hour at least!"

That he does. But that's because Dada usually dozes off...

Last night however, I was ten minutes into a film I'd downloaded and there was no bloody way I was going to lie prone for one long, agonising hour.

(The film in question "Sam Jackson's Video Diary" was written and directed by a friend of mine and is, among other things, about one woman's struggle for recognition. It's not only a great film, but is especially poignant, as the lead actress was tragically diagnosed with leukemia and passed away before proper filming began and thus the whole plot had to be cleverly restructured. You can download it on a 'pay-what-you-like' basis at )

As it turned out, it might have been easier to just lie with them for awhile. Instead, I found myself in a frustrating micro version of 'Groundhog Day' whereby i'd kiss and cuddle them (trying to dodge Dumpie's open mouthed french kissing attempts), slip out to tears and wails, then race back to my bedroom, plug the earphones back in, press play, then glance up to see two sobbing children at the door, clutching teddy bears and looking reproachfully at me.

It took me long enough, but eventually I realised that I really only had three options:

1. I could be a 'good mother', forget watching the film, and lie in bed with them singing lullaby's or something (

2. I could lock my bedroom door, plug in the earphones, and hope the husband didn't give me too much of a dressing down when he returned and found his children collapsed in a heap outside our door (...tempting, but even I've got standards)

3. I could let them climb into bed with me, demand they face the other way, a la 'The Blair Witch Project's' final scene, and try and watch the movie regardless (sigh)

Ensuring a hefty dose of maternal guilt, as the monsters pulled up the covers around their little heads and snuggled in with me, with tear stained faces they proclaimed, "You are the BEST Mama in the whole wide world."

Ummm. No I'm not. Bedtime trauma aside, I do recall the husband and I leaving the dvd player on a loop all day yesterday and the monsters subsequently watching Ice Age 2 (the 'scary one' apparently) three times in a doubt engendering a 'scared of the dark' freakout....



  1. My daughter wont sleep without he musical light, god forbid the light bulb dies and i have to wait 10-14 working days for a new one to come by post from China, Aughh were we ever that bad?

    Check out my blog:)

  2. hi juanita...well you could always do what i do and ensure you have a big supply of oreo cookies on hand to buffer the blow. of course, contributions to childhood obesity aside, I suppose bribery isn't the most approved method of parenting...but works for me :)

  3. just cruising and read your blog, and truly enjoyed it. why, because it shows being human. I also raised two little ones, now 14 and 12 but hang in there, it seems slow, but time goes quick and you will do all you want to do. Maybe this is the time that you can enjoy creating while using the beautiful energy of the children, they do bring much laughter and craziness to our lives you know. You sound like a fun mom, who is doing a wonderful job..and believe me we don't have to be perfect, just do your best and life slowly will care for itself. Your blogs are funny, I will join as a follower, as your free spirit is a creator of good things. Hang in there and this too shall pass, and it does. When you have time, please visit my site too, and you will than say, "okey, I thought I was ...", I am a spiritual being, a mother of two daughters, and yes, like you experiencing exhausting days..but,never believe anything from just the surface..all things have a greater meaning and usually all about love. Will check out your site, as I had fun reading a few..thanks for sharing yourself. Have a blessed life, and create all you want and count the blessings..(now to summer days off with the kids)

    Mary Ann, Cypress, Texas, USA

  4. such a cute photo. well done for adding it to this post.
    Sunny and very hot here in south london. But not quite as hot as where you are

  5. Hi Mary Ann,

    Thanks for your words of wisdom. I know you are right, and I know one day I shall mourn my 'empty house' and reminisce over the 'crazy years' with the monsters....

    I just wish I could fully enjoy things in the moment.

    I just wish i wasn't so tired....of parenting...sometimes :)

  6. hey,


    ha! don't believe it


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