Sunday, 27 June 2010

"It's Raining It's Pouring (And England Ain't Scoring)"

I have a conundrum.  It's 10:45pm local Bali time and the husband is perched up against the telly watching England lose embarrassingly to Germany in the World Cup Final.  This would be fine (well, not the losing part - that's disgraceful and depressing) except for the fact that every time Germany scores another goal or England messes up, he yells fit to raise the dead.

And there are a lot of dead around here.  There is a cemetery just down the road.  And this week happens to be 'Cremation Week' in the local village, where people band together, save funds and burn their loved ones together (well the ones who are already dead at any rate) in a giant cremation ceremony because....well, it's cheaper we've been told.

As if this weren't bad enough - a yelping, screaming husband rendering sleep impossible (and besides, who wants to stay up and watch your country disgrace itself yet again?) - it is absolutely pouring buckets down outside.  I love the rain, but three days of torrential tropical downpour and counting and I'm growing a bit tired of the whole scenario.

Besides which, given that our Bali bathroom is 'indoor/outdoor', it sounds like it's raining in our bedroom.  Not to mention the fact that should I be so unfortunate as to have the urge to empty my bladder anytime soon, I'll get drenched.  Nice.

Oh - and did I mention that Dumpie has parked himself in our bed for the night?

Anyway you look at it, it's going to be a wet one....(sigh)

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