Wednesday, 13 January 2010

"You Dropped the Bomb on Me Baby...You Dropped the Bomb On Me"

This morning I awoke to two major shocks:

The first was that our neighborhood had transformed into a winter wonderland while we slept...fluffy white snow blanketing the streets and coating the dark black trees like a giant, soft, fluffy, white angora jumper. Due to adverse weather conditions the husband decided to work from home today.

The second was that the husband read out the answer to a cheeky email he'd sent to his boss enquiring whether he might leave his job in two weeks to go to India. His boss says he doesn't have a problem with that.

Queue near-hysteria at the thought of packing, booking flights, vaccinations, visas, renting out our home, and a million other tasks needing to be done before we go...

"But - I thought you said the earliest we'd be going was 1st of March!" I demanded of my flabergasted other half.

"I always told you we might be able to go in February" he replied, somewhat shell-shocked.

Bloody heck. That's a man for you.

"But....but...." I stammered...wondering at the near impossible task that lay ahead.

So now the day has been spent scouring websites, arguing heatedly over spreadsheets (I have to continually remind the husband that I am NOT a 'member of his team' but rather his wife, and hence need to be spoken to in a loving - not businesslike - fashion. He still doesn't get it.

The husband would put our whole family life on a spreadsheet if he could. I bet he'd even work in romantic interludes given half a chance - especially as he proudly showed me earlier how rating things on a scale of 1-3 can give an up-to-date tally of who is currently working harder out of the two of us.

And that of course is the most important factor in this upcoming familial adventure is it not? Who is going to work the bloody hardest launching us out of here and into our dream scenario...

( far I'm in the lead points-wise...and we haven't even begun)

Will we really be on a beach in Goa inside of four weeks??? Really???

I don't know what is more frightening...the thought of packing up this house and putting our stuff in storage OR the thought of my body in a bikini 24/7 INSIDE OF FOUR WEEKS...


Forget vaccinations - I need to prioritise. Asap. I'm thinking four-hour-a-day workouts for a start....


  1. Wow how can you do all that in four weeks! I would be, well freaking.

  2. OMG, what a major adventure. I take it this ain't no two week vacation your planning! Good Luck!


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