Tuesday, 19 January 2010

"Bin the Lot"

Today our new cleaner started...(I've lost count of the number). She is rubbish. I not only worked side by side with her for the first two hours, but she had the audacity to leave early and with the house looking pretty much the same as when she arrived (sigh).

Egg was home sick with the flu today. In solidarity, Dumpie refused to get out of his 'jammies' all day as well, and the two of them lay side by side on the sofa watching Star Wars movies. There was a lot of moaning and groaning until Dumpie nearly blinded Egg by whipping a dvd across the room at him. Then it was screams and sobs. Which made for a nice change.

I continued my assault on the boys playthings and my outrageous collection of clothing today. I am getting increasingly more insane (ie. ruthless) and now plotting to rid our home of all of our possessions.

I think we should all have personalised backpacks and be allowed to keep only that which will fit inside.

For Eggie that would be a few pairs of underwear, his Nintendo DS Lite, chopsticks (he prefers them to using a stylus), a wedge of Pokemon cards, 'Bacon' of course, and his 'sums' notebook.

For Dumpie that would be a random assortment of foodstuffs, Auntie Ba's expensive face cream, M&M's and a Go-Go or two.

For the husband - that's easy. His laptop, some boxers, his camera, his ipod and an assortment of stupid headgear.

For me - well...that's even simpler. A black strapless bra, my favourite t-shirt, a ripped denim mini, a good novel, and as much red licorice as I could stuff in the back. And of course my laptop - so I could moan about how horrible it is when you give away all your possessions in the heat of the moment and spend the rest of your life bitterly regretting it...


  1. Rent a storage locker and toss all your stuff in it until you get back. Saves on the sorting and sanity.

  2. You know my thoughts on the matter. EBay, starting at 99p - potluck to the bidder!

  3. ok so you have inadvertently inspired me. Having made the decision to move home I know that I will be returning to a much smaller house/flat to live in. Which means my mountains of crap are going to have to be severely culled. I was mulling over it, feeling all morose at all the things I would have to let go. Then read your post and started to think 'sod it - what do I need all this stuff for anyway? What sane person needs 12 pairs of pjs, and at least 30 mugs??' So I will be joining you in my purging. Just unfortunately not for the exciting adventure of uprooting my life for Goa...lucky girl.


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