Friday, 15 January 2010

"Goa Here We Come...Four Weeks and Counting"

So it would appear that in exactly four weeks, three days, and six hours...we four (myself, Egg, Dumpie and the husband of course - can't leave him behind - after all, this adventure is his swan song) shall be strapped aboard an airline named after a beer, and hurtling through the skies at an alarming rate...where (adventure? trials? fun? excitement? (insert your own here) await.

Yes, we're flying on Kingfisher Airlines - named after India's premier (if rather lightweight) alcoholic beverage.

Something inside of me railed against booking this airline. It is a young company, with a fleet of new(ish) jets, so all should bode well...non? Still, there is something disconcerting about a jumbo jet named after a beer. There just is. Though I suppose the husband is rather pleased , as at least it means there's a fairly good chance he'll be able to whet his lips with the stuff throughout the fourteen hour journey.

We have provisionally booked our return tickets for 31st August. Ironically this is our wedding anniversary. It is also the day before school starts for the boys...if indeed we make it back for that. Who knows? We have however had the foresight to pay the higher fare on the tickets just in case we choose to avail ourselves of the 'one free change Madam' option.

So that gives us precisely 6 and a half months to opt out of society, live as beach bums, and try and create between us some sort of artistic work which will merit us yanking out our newly labelled 'gifted' child Egg from the South London Educational System.

When I informed the deputy head of his school this morning of our intentions, she grinned wryly and I suspect that she thinks we're needlessly exposing our offspring to malaria for the sole purpose of wearing tie-dye and exercising our right to throw some fiercesome shapes to bad 'Trance' music.

Egg's teacher also grinned upon hearing the news. However it was one of encouragement and approval. (This could however, be related to her having spent some time India herself and being all of about 24 years old).

As I recall, 24 was round about the age the husband and I traversed the sub-continent on a motorcycle together - so this reunited love affair with our dear India is well overdue.

And I've changed my mind. I'm glad we're flying there in a giant beer bottle.


  1. Brilliant! I love adventures, and this will be a great one. So looking forward to hearing all about it, giant beer bottles and all.

    If you do manage to make some more music, do make sure you post it so we can listen...x

  2. I do hope you're going to be blogging as well as beach-bumming - I'd love to hear all about it.

  3. yes, make sure you blog. otherwise we will miss you !


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