Thursday, 7 January 2010

Looking Ahead...Beach Bumming Imminent

Well, we (and by that I mean 'our marriage') survived New Year celebrations. The husband DID NOT ditch me this year and even managed to put on a brave face when at one point it looked as though we might be the only party goers in our specially decorated home.

In the end we had not one but TWO get-togethers on the same night, as the first set of friends left around 1:30am and the second set arrived just before 3am. I managed to last until 5am, but then the utter terror of what awaited me in a mere few hours was enough to put the fear of God in me and I fled off to bed - like a petrified Cinderella. However I left the husband and three of his mates to take it in turn to play with his new digital dj mixing desk and see who could outdo the others with absolutely shambolic 'sets'.

So here we sit on the other side of 2009...with very little idea of what our immediate future holds. We do know that in a manner of weeks the husband shall be gainfully UN-employed as he leaves the corporate workplace for stress of another variety. On the beaches of Goa he shall endeavor to write his first novel, whilst keeping his family in 'lungi's' and 'aloo paratha's' (and his two small charges away from waves, snakes, malaria outbreaks, etc.)

I shall of course be attempting to compose musical masterpieces - the likes of which the world has never heard...and suspect, shall be working on something literary myself.

Ah yes...the dream awaits. But will it be a dream or a nightmare? Will we ever come back? Will our children turn into vagabond surfers whilst learning the art of pick-pocketing unsuspecting tourists?

Once escaped from conformity and dreaded mediocrity, will we ever be able to squeeze back into society? Will we even want to?

...Stay tuned my friends...stay tuned...


  1. OMG!! I am jealous beyond belief. Can I come too?

  2. You're going to live on a beach in Goa? that is adventurous. More exciting than South London, that's for sure.

  3. Or Derby...sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading more!


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