Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Mr. Magic Mathematician

I've renewed my love affair with Red Wine.

(Red Red Wine it makes me feel so fine
Keeps me rockin'...all of the time...)


Anyway, I deserve it (mental note to self: isn't that the first step toward becoming an alcoholic? Telling yourself you deserve it? Uh oh....). Today was a bit of a killer in emotional extremes.

On the way to pick up Egg from school today I popped a stick of Juicy Fruit into my mouth and choked in horror as a crown came off in my mouth.

Moments later I stood (still flabergasted and distraught) in the school playground, lisping and gulping my way distractedly through a conversation with Egg's pretty young teacher who was trying to tell me that not only had he come first in his class for Math's and been awarded the "Magic Mathematician" award, but he'd today been singled out as being, "Young, Gifted and Talented" in Maths and handed me the certificate to prove it.

Egg meanwhile was involved in a heavy trade of Pokemon cards off to one side, having lost his school bag in the process. No matter, I frantically grabbed his little grey-mittened hand and yanked him out of there in a panic to my local dentist.

Moments later I found myself sprawled back ungracefully in the dentist's chair, mouth gaped open in pain, and Egg chattering happily away in the corner a mile a minute - distracting my already distracted dentist even further.

That might explain why I'm sitting here, hours later, forlorn at the dining room table, slightly anethetised by a few glasses of wine, and nursing a sore mouth wherein a crown has been reinserted incorrectly...rendering each bite excruciatingly tender.

Ah well. I was looking for a good kick start to my New Year. Having temporarily given up running (it's frankly too bloody cold and icy outside - toned arse be damned) I'm sure a diet of soft foods will do wonders for my waistline. Unless of course I get back on the Ben & Jerry's Phish Food (sigh).


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