Thursday, 2 July 2009

Toothpaste and Mangos and Everything Nice...Is What our Boys are Made Of...

Our cleaner 'Ola' is here (did I mention she is da wickedness?!) and I don't quite know what she's going to make of the huge horrible splotches of gooey white mint toothpaste spread all over random pieces of furniture.  Yep, the Dumps has been at it again during a brief moment of unsupervised 'play'.

Two days ago I became rather incensed after spending an hour and a quarter turning the downstairs upside down looking for the telly remote control which had last been seen in the grubby clutches of Mr. Dumps.  Never found it, but yesterday it was mysteriously spotted in the Bran Flakes.

This week has been spent sourcing, splitting and consuming vast quantities of watermelon.  It would be a massive understatement to say that the boys are also partial to a bit of mango. Yesterday at a play date I had to step in when I found Eggie harassing our hostess for her last mango.   I tried fending him off with, "Eggie wait till we get home okay?  We have lots there."  

He (rightly so) caught me out in the lie and stated, "No we don't.  You said you would buy some but you didn't.  I want THAT mango!"  (insert silent but heartfelt parental groan of humiliation and shame...)

At any rate I've remedied the situation by remortgaging our home and going out and buying FIFTEEN delicious honey mangoes today.  Tomorrow I've volunteered (being the second-last mother in Eggie's class to do so...oops) to help out in his class in the much for the voyeuristic thrill of seeing my son in a foreign setting as anything else.

I wonder if I can still fit in those teeny-tiny little kiddie seats?  Should I even attempt it?...

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