Saturday, 25 July 2009


Just got back from the posh supermarket across the road.  The monsters and I were on our way back from a giant outdoor sand pit and hence the fact that we were now in an indoor, civilised environment was utterly lost on them.

They began by bouncing their giant, red plastic ball down the bread aisle, and as I struggled to grab the necessary sundries as quickly as possible I was aware that I had lost both of them - though faint echo's of 'Oh My!' and 'Oh Dear!" were recognisable as evidence that some customer or another was being whacked in the head by said ball.

I located them - predictably - in the bakery section, where Egg was trying to hustle me for a giant pack of super duper triple chocolate cookies and Dumpie was staring in awe at a blueberry muffin roughly the size of his head.

It was a firm "No" on both counts (the monsters are on a sugar fast until further notice).   Yesterday  while I was in the change room of a store, Egg helped himself to EIGHT free cookies, subsequently hit me up for an ice-cream cone which I had promised, then proceeded to spaz out in a way more akin to a chimpanzee in a zoo than a human child.  

On the way back up in the lift, Dumps pressed the alarm button (again) and I shamefacedly had to answer, "Sorry - it was a mistake!" to the security personnel who answered the distress call.

I'll tell you what - another day like today and I'll be looking to go on the 'Meds'.  The husband, when hearing about my day, helpfully suggested that a few cages might be in order.  

Now there's a thought...


  1. Ha "spaz out" i love that expression - i really feel for you as mine are exactly the same it must be the lighting or that awful music they play in those supermarkets - sends them crazy! Cages are a must!!! lol!

  2. Have yours tipped over a fully laden trolley yet? That was fun. It made a lot of noise, a lot of stuff broke and then there were tears too. Ah the memories. It was also fun when they rammed a trolley into the honey aisle. The resulting mess can still be felt in a slight stickiness to the floor down that aisle.

    Also fun is bumping into people you know whilst trying to contain the monsters with your best shouty threats thus blowing any semblence of uber mother out of the water.

  3. Hi i've tagged you over at my blog :) x


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