Friday, 24 July 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

Today has been a trying (and tiring) day.  Pouring rain cascading outside the manifold windows of my dad's 36th floor condo this morning was a bad omen.  Maybe it was something in the air, but the monsters were incorrigible today.  Numerous spills on white carpets, tantrums too numerous to mention, and a total lack of disregard for authority (mine I mean) meant that today is drawing to a close not a moment too soon.

The monsters have taken to doing improv gymnastics on my father's treadmill - hanging upside down like little primates and laughing with glee at the look of horror on my face as I panic, envisioning permanent spinal damage. 

Dumpie has had five (count 'em) outfit changes today...the laundry basket heaving and a quickly diminishing wardrobe at the mercy of a snack-frenzied toddler.  

Egg cannot understand why I scream and holler when he plays ball in the apartment. Apparently all the glass vases and other breakables are mere knick-knacks to his unseasoned eye.

I have taken to slipping off downstairs to the gym each day for a brief respite from the drain of single parenting - pounding out my frustration on the dependable old elliptical machine.

At this rate I'll have shot nerves, crazed eyes but hard thighs by the end of the summer...

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