Monday, 29 June 2009

"Monday Bloody Monday..."

London is hot.  Not hot as is 'hot' (ie. happening...) but hot as in boiling hot. Apparently this grand old city is in the clutches of a killer heat wave this week.  Now don't get me wrong - it makes a refreshing change from wet, overcast pseudo summer skies - but try getting wide awake, fidgety monsters to bed when it's super bright outside and swelteringly humid.  Not fun.

At any rate, today started off in a shambles.  I'm hoping I've already hit the low point for the day.  It started with Eggie getting dressed in his school uniform and discovering that ALL his short-sleeved shirts are filthy but yet had been folded and put away with all his clean clothes!! (Ummm....Dada....Auntie...Eggie? Who is to blame for this catastrophe?!)

So a frantic wash cycle thirty minutes before school meant that my darling left with a damp shirt which I half-heartedly tried to convince him would probably dry on his scooter ride to school...not.  The poor boy was also sporting the latest in a series of uneven fringes - thanks to a frantic, last-minute kitchen haircut which became immediately necessary when my diary showed that today is school picture day.  

I couldn't have him looking like a muppet (albeit an adorable one) so I tried to trim his hair with Dumpie pulling my arm and trying to snatch the scissors and of course Eggie jerked at the completely wrong moment and now he looks like he's once again gotten a crazy drunk uncle to interpret a 'Hoxton hairdo' but with little success.  He's lucky that he's got such a cute face or he'd be in for a lifetime of bullying at school given his plethora of hair disasters...

The only positive spin I can put on my day is the fact that I am NOT currently where my husband is.  I am not trying to pack up a long weekend's worth of mayhem into a heavy, muddy, overcrowded rucksack, then painstakingly trampling through muddy grounds to a miles away car park to get inside a hot vehicle crammed up against several of some very great, but oh-so-smelly mates (who also haven't had the benefit of a shower for the past 5 or 6 days), and trying to negotiate killer traffic jams for hours before even making it onto the motorway.

You costs.  And since I haven't had any....well here's where i don't have to start paying. Result.


  1. Hope this cheers you up - award for you over at mine!

  2. We Brits are terrible, moan about the cold and the hot . Mind you if its the same there as it is in Scotland don't blame you , just humid and horrid. Need a good old storm i think

  3. God you're brave doing the home hair cut thing. Hope the photos turn out ok. And I regularly send the boys to school wearing damp 'but it will dry soon' polo shirts. I kid myself that this will contribute to making them sturdy men. Who knows. Maybe it will??


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