Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A Message to My Boy...

"Happy Birthday little Egg...can't believe you are 5 years old today.  You were so excited about it being your birthday that you arose around 5:30am and came (as per instructed) into the 'Mama-Dada-Bed' for some early morning cuddling and a brief discussion of how the day's events might unfold.

I know I had promised to get straight out of bed when you woke me up and get down to the hot griddle and whip up some pancakes for you, but really, I should have inserted a clause about it having to be at least 7am!  So I think you took yourself downstairs, grabbing a groggy Dumps on the way, and settled down in front of cartoons with your beloved Nintendo DS Lite (which has of late become like 'Kiddie-Crack').

I excitedly showed you your packed lunch, waiting for squeals of excitement, but instead your big eyes got watery and you expressed concern that it was too much food and you'd be last in your class finishing again. As per your request I removed the giant chocolate chip cookie in bewilderment, wondering how I managed to produce such a sensible, non-sweet-toothed-addict for a son.  (Perhaps it was due to the fact that I uncharacteristically hated chocolate and sweets when I was pregnant with you and instead feasted on fruits:  green grapes, clementines and pomegranates being personal favourites).

You opened all your cards this morning from well-meaning friends and family, and excitedly built up a nice contribution of cheques and banknotes to deposit in your bank account.  One day you will be so grateful for this when you have built up a nice little nest egg to help with further education (and No Egg, you will NOT be allowed to spend the money on a motorcycle and tour India like your father did).

Right now your little brother Dumpie is sitting on the steps outside, quietly singing to himself. He is practising his own unique version of 'Happy Birfday' to sing to you later.  He only does the one line before it goes off into some strange tangent about 'Nannies' and 'Be-Bops', but boy does he give it great feeling.

Your little brother was so NOT amused this morning when your beloved 'Magic Plant' once again (a sunflower in this case) produced a chocolate birthday lolly for you and not for him.  He tried to relieve you of it but fortunately you were canny enough to take yourself off to the kitchen pronto and gobble it down before he downright wrestled you for it (and would have likely emerged chocolate-covered and victorious).

You are such a gentle big brother Eggie.  You let Dumpie sit on your lap in the bath, even though there is no logical reason why he would want to do share your small single bed with him on occasion, even though it is cramped, he hogs all the covers and insists on bringin in about a dozen toys with proffer your lips for unwanted kisses when Dumpie is feeling particularly 'loved up' and needs to spontaneously express his brotherly affection...and you (usually) handle with good grace the immense disappointment you feel when he comes barreling out of nowhere to knock down a block tower you have painstakingly created.

At five, you are a kind, gentle, sensitive and thoughtful child.  You have huge luminous eyes which magically sparkle when you smile, and such pretty features that many people assume you are a girl (and not just because I let you wear your hair 'longish'!).  People have been trying to bully me into cutting your hair for years now, but your silky, golden tresses really suit you and make you look like a little doll.  I can't bear to have your hair shorn and expose that adorable little 'magic forehead' for all the world to see.  It is for familial intimate kissing and stroking, and makes you look like one of those 'Precious Moments' figurines.

Oh Eggie you are SO loved.  Your current obsession with calculating how many countries you and everyone you speak to, have visited, is rather endearing.  You've recently learned how to play 'noughts and crosses' with Dada and are getting so tall and grown up these days.  You have been clamoring for a 'grown up' scooter for ages now, and I'm happy to say that tonight after your (favourite fish n' chips) dinner you shall be granted your wish.

Happy 5th Egg are a star!"

Love 'Mama-Bear' xx

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  1. Aaaah. Lovely post. Happy Birthday little Egg. x


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