Saturday, 20 June 2009

We Owe You Auntie Mo

Hurrah!  The party is over...we survived!

Jake's 5th birthday party was a resounding success.  The skies darkened at one point but amazingly never poured down.  Deciding to fork out for an entertainer turned out to be the best brainwave we've had in years, and reaped dividends in terms of overall success.

I must give a big shout out to the glorious Auntie Mo who took frenzied matters in hand throughout several points and led marching bands of little people on loo runs, resided over the most ridiculous game of Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur in which the blindfold was not placed properly leading all but three of the children to cheat, and managed to shepherd 15 children into various activities with good humour despite one child suffering a bloody toe, and another escaping into our bed on the top floor and rolling around under the covers with muddy sandals on....but I digress

There were really only two incidents worth noting:  

One was when I stupidly decided to award presents to the LOSERS of musical chairs in each round.  So of course the music would stop and half the children would race to find a seat and the other half would stand hovering, reluctant to take a seat because they preferred the loser's consolation prize of a sweetie.  Doh!

The other little hiccup was during the last five minutes of the party when I realised to my dismay that all the marshmallows and sweets and other treats lay untouched in the kitchen because I'd forgotten to put them out!  So I frantically raced to the tables, in sight of at least two mum's, who watched with horror as the children dove into the bowls, transferring handfuls to greedy mouths and ensuring a crazy sugar high guaranteed to strike minutes after they left he party.  Whoops.

And of course there are the two dozen giant handmade dinosaur cookies I forgot to hand out, which I painstakingly baked and decorated over three hours yesterday (ever tried to get fragile biscuits in shapes of dinosaurs onto the baking tray in one piece??)

Oh well, they are delicious and go down nicely with the bottle of Prosecco which was immediately popped in celebration as the last five year old left the party today.

We did it...we officially popped our party cherry and now we're going to chill out, drink more wine (should I have confessed that?) and watch a movie.

Whew.  (Could I say that again?)  

Whew :)

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