Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Things That Go Cluck In The Night

Things That Go Cluck In The Night...

The "Stinky Chicken" (aka Dumpie) and I are joined at the hip these days. Where I go he goes. Where I sit...he sits. In fact he even goes so far as to take my arm and wrap it around his ample little belly when he's perched on my knee. I have become very adept at conducting most of my daily household tasks one-handed, and been developing great tone on the left side of my body from supporting the chicken on one hip, where he expertly clasps onto my side with his little muscleman thighs in a vice like grip.

Lately the poor munchkin has been having the odd nightmare, and wakes screaming, disoriented, clasping onto my neck sobbing, staring up at me with unknowing, glazed eyes. He's been known to scuttle backwards on the floor like a little crab when this happens and all you can do is cuddle him tight, gently try and wake him, then hold him close till he settles and finally falls asleep again. Given that he's the most delectable little bundle of soft flesh these days it's a task I don't mind at all.

Auntie Mo texted out of the blue asking if she could take the boys out for lunch today. you even have to ask?! So here I am sat, boys dressed, waiting at the top of the stairs (yes I'm almost that pathetic) for the doorbell to ring and a few brief hours of peace.

Oops there goes the doorbell now! "Hello Freedom - nice to meet you! I'm Natasha...remember me? We used to hang out a lot several years ago..."

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