Saturday, 26 July 2008


This morning Jay and I woke up to a tearfully perplexed little Eggie perched on the side of our sumptuous Queen-sized bed, imploring us for details about 'heaven'. Apparently our little talk about death the other day left him with more questions than answers (doesn't it to us all?!) Anyway, once establishing that most people die around 100, (please don't be at all surprised if Egg suddenly expresses grave interest in knowing your ages, so as to ascertain how close you might be to visiting heaven on a permanent basis), he was keen to understand exactly what people do in heaven, and when he could come back out and fly back down to London when he was bored.

Of course this phenominally important conversation was conducted with a mumbling half-asleep Dada and a croacky-voiced Mama, both of whom were sporting a mild hangover from last nights solo pizza and red wine indulgence. We watched a great film (Jay was THAT tired that he actually consented to watching a film...i know..mad!) called 'This Is England' and got a wee bit tipsy and listened to our neighbours conduct an outrageously loud party next door. Sipping wine on our back terrace we actually felt rather civilised watching the proceedings which spilled over onto the street, and for once it was nice to be on the other end and not being the ones creating the chaos.

I haven't had a chance to blog in the last little while (a situation i intend to rectify) due to our crazy but fun recent schedule. We got back from a lovely weeks villa holiday in Turkey on Monday night with our friends from Australia and their two little ones. Four adults and four children...on paper it seems manageable, but in reality it was at best amusing and at worst tiring!

Although the children got along brilliantly for the most part (Egg 4, Mia 3.5, Dumpie 19 months, Finn 13 months) our trip did start with young Mia sporting identically matching red welts on both pretty little cheeks from where Dumpie had flirtatiously bitten her on two separate occasions. I say flirtatiously as he adored Mia and could as often be seen hugging her spontaneously, rubbing her arm gently or giving her a sloppy unwelcome kiss, as pulling her hair, scratching her or shoving her to the ground. I think it was his way of making her notice him for the player than he is and not a diaper-clad baby!

At any rate, there were several incidences where Jay and I would hear our friend Lee moan in horror as she discovered Dumpie's latest assault on one of the kiddies (Egg was by no means exempt, but Mia did take the brunt of things i suppose). Nonetheless, walking into the room you would see a beaming Dumpie, arms behind his back, rocking on his little heels looking rather pleased with himself, calmly observing a sobbing Mia with a mark on her arm where he had administered another 'love bite' (sigh). Early flirtation ritual or possible beginnings of a life of crime...?

The villa itself was a four bedroom four-level paradise set on the Bay of Kalkan with a storybook view and a deliciously picturesque setting from each of the four balconeys. We had a private pool, air-con and a local market a few steps away...what was not to love? Well there was the constant fear of one of the kiddies drowning, the hard marble non-child-friendly staircases, the constant and unrelenting rounding up of four energetic midgets under four who were always on the hunt for snacks, attention, baths, games, get the idea.

Nonetheless it was a wonderful holiday, and barring the last full day when both 'Dada's' took off for what appeared a casual swim in the sea and just never returned for over an hour and a half (leading Lee and I eventually to tears, assuming both had died in a tragic drowning accident), it was perfect.

Well i'd love to go on as there is much to tell, but I shall pace myself and post again tomorrow as there is a great hullabaloo coming from the front room and I fear another of my gold vases is about to be broken. Must dash.

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