Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Return of Dada

So late last night, Dada walked in through the front door after five days at a music festival. He was sunburnt, grinning, and hadn't showered in days...I haven't seen him looking so happy and relaxed in a long time.

Egg had long gone to bed, but Dumpie had been allowed to stay up for the homecoming, as he had been utterly distraught by Jay's departure and had asked a million times a day where 'Dada' was. He somehow intuited that Jay was at last coming home, and spent 45 minutes bouncing excitedly in the hallway landing, and peering anxiously at the door. Bless.

So aside from a huge load of laundry to wash, and a much messier bedroom (sigh) things are back to normal...well relatively. Tonight is parents meeting at Belleville School to discuss Egg entering Year 1 next year. We'll also be ordering his school uniform which consists of grey shorts/trousers and white shirts and blue jumpers and blazers...very cute. If i were any other parent I'd be sighing with relief about not having to choose what he wears to school each day, but given Egg's spectacular wardrobe choices and abundance of clothes i find myself thinking 'what a waste!'

On another note, over this past weekend Auntie Ba finally bribed Dumpie enough to say 'Mama'. So I guess I should be pleased. First he learned 'Dada', then 'Ba' followed by 'Bob the builder' and pulling in the rear was 'Mama'...nice one.

Dumps has a really bad cold and is currently sitting on the kitchen floor with a gigantic OPEN box of sunmaid raisins, slowly making his way through it...nibbling a few and tossing the rest happily in the air. Egg has discovered his father's loud festival horn and is marching through the house randomly blowing it.

As for me, well I'm okay. More than okay. At the band rehearsal I went to the other day, four hours flew by in what seemed like minutes, and turns out they are really nice guys. Given that the feeling seems to be mutual, and they liked my songs and my voice - looks I'm in a band now :)

Goodbye dirty nappies hello screechy guitars...

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