Thursday, 10 July 2008

Eggie Scissorhands

The other day we had our urgent remortgage application ready to go, sitting out of harms way on our kitchen counter. Or so we thought. Jay came down for breakfast to find the head on my passport photocopy rather neatly cut out and lying next to the loaf of bread. Egg has been manically wielding large green kitchen scissors with glee and cutting anything and everything in his path.

Cereal boxes have fallen prey to his snippity-snip and now have no tops...designer pillowcases have had their tags haphazardly cut off, and various unlucky garden plants have had their leaves and flowers trimmed beyond all recognition. It doesn't matter where we hide them, Egg magically finds the blasted scissors and at this point I reckon we just have to resign ourselves to living in a constant state of origami until he tires of it.

As for the state of this household, we've had it punctuated by sorrow and joy within the space of 24 hours. Beloved 'Auntie Ba' finally took her leave of our shambolic commune on Tuesday. There were many tears all round, and watching the cab pull away was a gut-wrenching moment if ever there were one. Egg promptly burst into tears and climbed the stairs sobbing, unconsolable, muttering, "Mama, what can I do to make me feel better? I am so sad..."

If he were a few years older I could have suggested we go and open a bottle of vodka and drown our sorrows that way, but as it stood he had to make do with chocolate cake and homemade cookies. Dumpie took the departure equally as hard, and has been beseeching me at every turn, 'Ba? Ba?...", hands upturned and quizzical look in his eye. Many a time I'll find him forlornly surveying her old room and looking perplexed. Her name is still the first one he calls when awaking from his nap and I know he misses his 'best friend' desperately.

On a positive note, our friends from Australia arrived late last night - having travelled 34 hours across the world to hang with us for a bit. Maniacs! Egg promptly commandeered Mia (a sweet little girl 6 months younger than himself) and taking her hand, escorted her upstairs and didn't stop chatting her ear off for the next several hours. They are now thick as thieves, bestest of friends, and doomed to cause no end of havoc once they realise we are outnumbered.

Baby Finn is also 6 months younger than Dumpie, and i think Dumps is pleased to be able to slightly lord it over another 'baby', though last night he was all charm as he secretly fed him peanut butter cookie (Finn is allergic to several foods and the yummy morsel was promptly disengaged from mouth once discovered).

Anyway, I best be off. Four babies are on the loose and with the parent to child ratio severely in jeapardy (jay is walking out the door to work, Lee is in bed and I am suffering from a severe hangover after just a teensy bit too much red wine last night and a bedtime of 3 am, I have to keep my wits about me. But it's a sunny day, we're off to a villa in Turkey for a week on Monday, and i'm munching gorgeous ripe raspberries...for now at is good :)

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