Monday, 30 August 2010

"He'll Be Comin' Down The Mountain When He Comes..."

So it seems as though the monsters WILL have a father around for the foreseeable future.  The husband returned from his mountain climbing expedition in one piece.  Looking rather stunned and quite out of it (he did after all have no sleep,  climbing through the night and into the next day, and had to tack a 1.5 hour scooter drive home to the end of it), we were relieved to see him saunter in.

I was in fact lying on the bed, nursing a severe headache, no doubt brought on by the screaming I'd done earlier when Egg scaled the outdoor bathroom wall, teetered onto the ledge and once again climbed onto the roof of our villa. I nearly yelled myself hoarse as I stood on the ground below, pleading with him to come down or at least drop Bacon (he was navigating the circumference of the roof with only one hand, clutching Bacon the stuffed bear with the other).

Nearly apoplectic with rage (borne of fear) I had visions of him slipping and breaking his neck, fracturing his spine or even worse.  Kadek was beside me also frantic with worry, whilst Dumpie looked on amused - no doubt planning his future escapade and bursting with admiration for his older brother.

The night before I had made the mistake of letting Egg and Dumpie sleep in our bed for a big 'sleepover movie party' while the husband was away.  They were giddy with excitement as I pulled out a giant chocolate chip cookie each, a bowl of popcorn and some little chocolate sweeties.  I meant to join them, I truly did, but as often happens, I got waylaid in cyberspace and by the time I hesitantly pulled back the mosquito curtain, I found the end credits rolling and my bed covered in edible debris.  Urgh...

The three of us slept rather poorly as I was convinced we might have an intruder outside in the garden in the middle of the night...though it was more likely a small animal foraging for food in our overflowing recycling bin.  And Dumpie ended up 'upsy-daisy down' (I'll be sad when that particular vernacular disappears)  in our bed, whilst Egg for some inexplicable reason decided to sleep vertically (sigh).

Given that it was the first night we've all been apart in months, I think it went relatively well all things considered.  The husband didn't fall off a mountain (despite his 'guide' breaking his flip-flops one hour in and climbing back down the mountain), Egg didn't fall off the roof (despite one-handedly traversing the entire circumference), and Dumpie didn't fall off the bed (despite half-hanging over the bottom edge in a sleep stupor most of the night).

And me?  Well I didn't fall out of favour with the monsters, despite technically standing them up on 'Movie Night' while I got stuck on my laptop for over an hour....and I still come out as 'best Mama in the world' simply because of the plethora of treats I coughed up.  Nice one.

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