Friday, 27 August 2010

"Go Climb A Mountain Why Don't You..."

So the husband has decided to go and climb a mountain tomorrow you do.

I'm not exactly thrilled about this because:

a) it's meant to be a fairly dangerous climb...people have died and injured themselves climbing Mt. Agung

b) he's planning to do it without all the proper equipment - merely a pair of cheap $30 Indonesian hiking boots procured yesterday from god knows where, and a $4 bright yellow plastic pair of sunglass headlamps (reminiscent of Orbital - had they been children's telly presenters as opposed to superstar dj's....)

c) his 'guide' is just some local dude he met last week who has apparently climbed it a couple of times

d) the final ascent is meant to be a treacherous three hour straight up affair, scrambling in pitch dark, and i've heard a fair few troublesome tales relayed by apparently seasoned climbers who found it daunting/dangerous

e) the climb begins at the bloody middle of the night!

"Don't worry I won't take any chances" he tried to reassure me yesterday when I found out what he was planning to do.

This from the same guy who until a week ago refused to wear a helmet since we've been in Bali, despite clocking up hundreds of kilometres on a scooter, simply because he couldn't be bothered.

I find myself getting more and more angry and worried.  What if he hurts himself badly or even worse, perishes?  What if the volcano erupts while he's up there?  (A friend was regaling a story of how six months ago she went on an expedition to climb it, but it was called off on account of the usual path being unavailable because anxious inhabitants of the mountain were frantically making 'ceremonies' , given that there was a severe warning in effect).

And so, I sit here contemplating the fact that we have no life insurance, we are mere  four days away from our 14th anniversary, and I have two headstrong young boys who I most definitely cannot raise on my own.

Oh yeah - and the husband has just informed me that although he lacks the proper clothing and accoutrements necessary for this feat, he is intending to wear his pink and white striped Abercrombie & Fitch long-sleeved button down shirt.

"It's all about the layers," he's explaining to me.

Well, that's okay then.  As long as he's got that sorted....


  1. Fretting along with you... did he go up, did he come down... is all well...

  2. Yep....the husband returned...he has incredible homing instinct despite a pre-existing high risk behavioral disorder :)


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