Monday, 16 August 2010

"The Halfway Mark"

Yesterday marked the halfway mark of our 'Year Abroad' (or as I like to think of it, 'In Search of A Meaningful Life By Way of the Beach Bum Ethos').

Six months to the day that we crammed all our valuables into cheap cardboard boxes (i TOLD the husband not to scrimp and get the cheap ones), frantically raced from room to room cramming last minute objects into any available luggage space (which would explain the Chanel Nail Varnish and 'Fried Green Tomatoes' dvd, both of which inexplicably made their way to SouthEast Asia), and boarded Kingfisher Air, the 'King of Indian Beers' airline, not looking back even once.

Are we happy?  (Yup)
Are we glad we're not taking our scheduled return ticket back to the UK this month?  (Yup)
Are we bored of the constantly perfect weather, divine affordable eateries and picture perfect beaches?  (Nope. You kidding?)

See, the thing is, although we do occasionally pine for London (the pub, Waitrose, my oven, red wine, my clothes, a mosquito-free bedroom, etc.) we know how darn lucky we are.  Despite being domesticated to the extent of having two dependents, the husband and I are still 'living the dream' that we did years ago when traveling the world as crusty backpackers.

Every day is a mini-adventure, and today felt like one of those textbook days which just leave you feeling nothing but grateful:

8am - wake up
9am - freshly brewed coffee in magnificant garden
10am - London mates swing by for a quick goodbye en route to airport
12pm - lunch in garden
1pm - scooter around town with husband and purchase new helmets
3pm - afternoon snack in garden
5pm - hour long massages for each of us here in our home
8pm - dinner delivered from local 'warung'

In between all this we had two lovely local ladies making our beds, doing our dishes, feeding our children, taking our laundry to be washed, doing our grocery shopping, mopping the floor, playing with the monsters and dealing with Dumpies late afternoon 'accident'.

And you ask why we're greedily jumping at the chance of six more months of this...?

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  1. I've lived in various parts of asia where you have lovely ladies who come and keep your house tidy, cook for you and the whole lot. I still miss them 10 years on... but I do love London too. The grass is always greener...


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