Tuesday, 27 July 2010

"Oh Sod It...It's Raining Again"

One of the drawbacks of living in an 'inside-out jungle penthouse' (as I've come to think of our newest abode) is that when it's raining, you have to brave torrential showers to use the toilet or brush your teeth.  In theory, the idea of an open-ceiling bathroom is divine (hey no smells!), but the reality, during rainy season, is not so great.

It's been raining almost solidly for three straight days now.  Don't get me wrong - I adore the rain - especially when I'm tucked up somewhere cozy and warm.

Last night falling asleep it was so cozy to lie in bed, listening to the rain pouring down outside, and know that we were all safe and cozy and warm.  Until Dumps got up in the middle of the night and said, "I have to go pee pee!"

Urgh.  Nightmare.  Bless the husband, he took care of that one.  But I'll tell you what - it makes me yearn for our en suite.

Still, things ticking along nicely here.  Saying that, as the husband reminded me today, we do have almost a 1:1 ratio of guests to staff here, so we should bloody well be enjoying things.  You see we've decided to keep Kadek our Pembantu...despite the fact that she'd rather work for our friend.  But given that our friend is leaving the country tomorrow that's so not going to happen, so perhaps Kadek's just resigned to her fate and decided that she'd rather chase after Egg and Dumpie everyday, than be at her mother-in-law's beck and call back at home.

She's got her hands full with Eggie too, as he's now obsessed with spiders, and here in the tropics they are big hairy-legged things - not just your average garden variety English ones.  She is forever having to pick them up and toss them out after Eggie accidentally suffocates them in one of my Tupperware containers - and if not that then she's being dispatched to spider hunt for him.

So the rain continues to pour, and I've got the children running excitedly around the place with Ritz crackers clutched in their little hands.  The cook/cleaner and Pembantu have all left for the day, so I have two hours of proper hardcore 'mothering' to do until bedtime.  The thing is, having so much 'help' has rendered the husband and somewhat useless as of late.  Our pavlovian response to nearly any scream or  child emergency is, "Go ask Kadek".  What's going to happen when there is no more Kadek??

Oh well, there's always the Cartoon Network.  

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