Friday, 9 July 2010

"Bunnies Beware-y"

I had to miss my morning run today on account of having a sprained toe.  How did I get this sprained toe you ask?  No, it wasn't a dark curse put on me by our increasingly antagonistic landlady, Ms. Putu...rather it was Dumpie, mid-temper tantrum, smashing a huge bottle of apple juice onto my unsuspecting toe beneath the table.

I screamed.  Kadek came running, assuming that 'Miss Natasha' had lost the plot and was going to go on a killing rampage (I might have - I certainly got close enough considering the pain of it).

Dumpie was put in a 'time out' in his bedroom, from which he kept escaping, and I sat at the dining table, wincing in pain and feeling sorry for myself.

Luckily, the day didn't shape up to be all bad.  We at least found somewhere to move to after we get turfed out of here two weeks today.  Handily, it's just up the road and is a lovely open-air jungle type house overlooking a ravine.  We shall literally feel like we're living in the tree tops.

The place comes complete with two adorable tiny bunny rabbits which are allowed to roam free during the day.  The boys will love them, and they are just enough chromosomes away from resembling rats or mice, so no problem there (unlike gerbils, guinea pigs or hamsters).

True, the husband and I are mildly concerned about the bunnies welfare at the hand of the monsters, but that's not going to stop us from taking the place.  Aside from being accidentally stepped on, tossed over the side of the open air lounge into the ravine below during an improvised and unsupervised ballgame , or meeting their misfortune in some other way (which only parents of little boys might be privy to), there's not a lot that could go wrong....right?


  1. I'd be more worried about my boys falling into the ravine, I think!

    It sounds delightful though.....

  2. you are SO right...what was I thinking??


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