Wednesday, 7 July 2010

"It's All Going A Bit Hmmmmmm-Shaped"

You know how people sometimes begin to resemble their pets?

Well I have been beset with another eye infection, and with my squinty right eye all red and almost swollen shut, I now resemble a RAT.  Great.

Furthermore, Dumps wet the bed last night...our bed.  But according to Dumps, that's not such a big problem, as he nonchalantly explained during our pillow talk this morning.

"Mama, just get that woman to change the sheets.  Or Kadek can do it.  It's no problem, they do it."

I'm a bit worried with the speedy rate by which the monsters have adapted to having 'help'.  With one, and sometimes two Balinese women helping out on a daily basis, they have come to expect pancakes on tap, their dirty laundry whisked away and returned spotless, and have compliant playmates in the form of Wayan and Kedak - who are always hovering nearby for an impromptu game of 'hit the Putu's orchid'.  What's going to happen when I am back to being the only 'help' round here?

Still, I guess we have bigger problems at hand.  We need to find somewhere to move in two weeks, and are still not having any luck on that front.  Moreover, the husband wants to do a two week 'road trip' through Lombok after that - the prospect of which I'm finding a bit daunting.

For starters, both our children get car sick.  Moreover, I'm not sure it's advisable that our little crew be cooped up in a vehicle for that long - not unless we bring our very own 'Relate Counselor' along for the ride.  I don't think even the combined mightiness of our respective ipods and the in-car speakers will keep us from losing the plot.


  1. A bit like when I asked my extremely messy teenage son what he thought he was going to do at college. "I'll have a cleaner" was his swift response. My how I laughed.

  2. Hee hee - it's all SOOO familiar....finally checked out your blog! I can help you on at least one of your little problems...come find me at school (and i'll try to remember the swimming float things too.....) Becki (Elfie's mum) XX


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