Thursday, 13 May 2010

"All Roads Lead to Cheesecake"

We've been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 48 hours now, and already I'm agonising over having to leave our lovely AIR-CONDITIONED, spacious hotel room tomorrow to fly to Bali.

Everyone who hears we're going there, tips their head back, sighs enviously and says, "Ooh, you're going to LOVE Bali". So now I'm fully expecting to land in a perfect paradise tomorrow and am secretly wondering whether it can truly live up to its reputation. What a delightful worry to have.

On another note, I've gone mental since we've been here. Checking into our hotel the other night I clocked the giant supermarket across the road and made it my first port of call yesterday morning. I've since been four times.

Somehow I managed to refrain from buying up the store in its entirety (fresh coffee anyone? YES....sunmaid raisins? YES....salt and vinegar crisps? YES....Reeces Pieces? most definitely YES...and so it went).

Only problem is (as the husband has so wisely pointed out), we were OVER our luggage allowance on the way here, so having purchased roughly 5 more kilo's worth of stuff, where exactly do I think I'm going to stow it, let alone sneak on the extra weight?

As it was, at check-in in Mumbai, we had to shift around our possessions such that I ended up having to sneak on four obscenely heavy carry on bags, and the husband was forced to transport his heavy biking shoes and pedals by way of ratty plastic bag tied onto his rucksack. We looked strictly 'back of the plane' types as we boarded.

However, taking precedence over the fear of packing tomorrow, is the immense nausea and burgeoning stomach ache I'm dealing with right now. Much like Eskimos traditionally eat loads of whale blubber to prepare for a hard winter ahead, so we (and by we I primarily mean me) have been indulging in all the delicious foodstuffs we've been starved of in India these past three months (wine, cheese, croissants, proper posh chocolate, oreo cookie cheesecake, etc.)

Of course, what will probably happen is we'll get to Bali, discover it to be quite modern full of 'Western foodstuffs' and I shall feel like an idiot. An idiot who's a few pounds heavier due to a prolonged panic binge eating session in Malaysia.

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