Friday, 3 February 2012

"An Angel Descends..." (Or 'Auntie to the Rescue')

Some might question the wisdom of undertaking major home renovations a mere three days before the supposed birth of ones third child...but not us.  Nope...despite our lounge and dining room currently resembling a building tip (dust sheets, dust, nails, screws, paint, get the picture) our hearts are light.

Why you ask?  Well my sister, the monster's much adored 'Auntie Ba' arrived from Canada yesterday, and descended like an angel for the next several weeks, to lay selfless love and much needed help on this shambolic household.  Egg and Dumps have been besides themselves with glee over the impending visit, and we've had to endure a daily 6am countdown of "Auntie Ba is coming in _____ more days!"

On the way home from school yesterday Egg even did an exuberant countdown of "100 more yards...", "70 more yards..." etc. until we reached the door and the boys went running into her outstretched arms. It was like Christmas all over again...bless.

I was even able to indulge in a half hour uninterrupted late afternoon bubble bath because the monsters were sequestered in the guest bedroom with their auntie, refusing to leave her side for even a minute and fighting for her attention.  I peeked in, clocked Dumpie emptying the contents of his little pockets on her bed, and ducked out unseen.  Better her than me.

As for telling my sis before she came what she was walking into (ie. attention-starved little boys and a dodgy building site) okay fine, maybe I neglected to mention anything.  But frankly, the current horrendous cold spell has left more of a negative imprint I reckon than even the 12 hours a day of banging hammers and smell of paint fumes.

It is so cold it hurts and I found getting out of bed this morning an exercise in sheer determination.  Auntie Ba is of the opinion that the new baby is going to freeze in here, and she may be right.  I blame the four stories, high ceilings and killer drafts.

At any rate, I have at least found a purpose in life aside from crazy pregnant lady cupboard cleaning.  I now spend my days making endless cups of tea, snacks and meals for the workers.  They are incredibly grateful, and unlike the monsters who grimace and groan at mealtimes, these fellows extoll the virtues of my domestic projects (yesterday it was a homemade pistachio and almond cake) and I get to while away the time indulging in one of my favourite pastimes without ingesting great amounts of calorific treats - which let's face it - at this point are only going to ensure that I give birth to a giant round mega-baby topping 12 pounds or something.

Anyway, I'd best be off.  Auntie Ba requires fortification in form of an extra strength cappuccino to prepare for the arrival of the monsters, and my builders are about to be treated to a batch of my infamous gooey dark choc chip biscuits.

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