Thursday, 16 February 2012

"Rings Of Joy"

13 days old...
There are few things more likely to put the sparkle back in a new mother's eyes, than being flirted with by a young man behind the latte counter who has no idea that a week and a half ago you resembled a dying cow and were groaning in agony while being virtually torn apart.

Having been housebound with a nasty infection for the past several days, I had no choice but to venture out this morning sans newborn, given that I had an important interview at the passport office which I could not afford to miss.

Having nearly failed the question/answer period (I had to come clean about being awash with hormones, as there was no real excuse for why my mind went blank and I could not name a single mortgage company we've been with in the past ten years!) I decided to indulge in a celebratory non-decaf latte at the station on the way home.

The young man behind the counter at Pret went to take my money, then did a double take, smiled and said, "You know what?  This one's on me" and refused to take my proffered twenty pound note.  With a spring in my step, I exited the shop, secretly pleased that despite three children, I had clearly still not succumbed to either the dreaded 'Mum-Bum' or the matronly, hard put-upon air that trails so many new mothers.  Result!

And so to celebrate that massive boost to my lately faltering ego, I decided that nothing short of a dozen (okay fine - a double dozen) Krispy Kreme Donuts would do.  Further justification was not needed, but had it been, I silently told myself that me and my still bruised undercarriage deserved a wickedly sinful calorific treat - as did Dumpie whose play date got cancelled today and shares his mother's affinity for anything sugar-coated.

Of course the irony is that if I polish off too many of those uber-sweet rings of joy currently waiting patiently for me in the kitchen, then I shall likely never ever get given another free latte or free anything for that matter.

What the heck.
rings o' joy...calories be damned


  1. he looks like a little angel! and those rings of joy look amazing...

    lemmie know when you're good for visitors.


  2. Guy Nouveau is gorgeous, and you look amazing! Can't wait to hear how your older two are handling his arrival.

  3. oh My Oh My Oh My!!!
    I just love reading your Blog. Having left SW London (down the road to where you live) about a year ago to come and live in Italy i've not really found much time to keep up with all my Blogs but i'm now back to following (with a vengeance) and just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well done you!!!
    And OH MY GOD! You look absolutely amazing in both postbirth photos so i can see exactly why the Pret Barrista gave you a free cappucino :-)
    Good luck with it all and i'll be following (in a non stalkerish way :-)

    Francesca Querci della Rovere

  4. wow thats cute, this baby is like an angel....there is a lots of gifts for your babies, Baby Shower Gifts


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