Wednesday, 3 March 2010

"Food Glorious Food"

It is very hard not to gorge yourself on delicious foodstuffs here. The creamy Dal Fry, accompanied by hot, paper thin toasted Roti and washed down by a sip of icy cold Kingfisher beer is not a repast to take lightly. And then there's the Malai Kofta - a mouthwatering mound of veggie kabob with cashews which comes in its own creamy sauce and is heaven with some steamed pilau rice and a huge dollop of fresh cucumber raita.

And don't even get me started on my fave - the "Indian Breakfast" at one of the beach shacks which serves up fresh from the griddle, thin potato and spice pancakes which you rip off, swirl around in piquant and spicy lime pickle, before dipping into fresh curd and popping the whole deliciously sodden mess into your mouth...washed down by a glug of homemade chai. Yuuuummmmmm...

Plus we've recently discovered a wicked organic vegetarian restaurant where the food is so divine it's hard to believe you're eating it in some roadside cushion-strewn 'restaurant' in India. It wouldn't be out of place in a posh central London venue where mains hover around the £20 mark.

But my favourite of all time have to be "Momo's"...steamed little dumplings of gorgeousness, chock full of sliced and spliced veggies, and accompanied by a slightly spicy chili dip.

Even the ice cold orange Fanta, served in proper glass bottles and straw, feels indulgent and slides down in a sinfully sweet way.

The boys adore eating the freshly caught and grilled fish. Accompanied by homemade 'finger chips' (no frozen garbage here) and a huge blob of 'kepper' (ie. ketchup), usually renders Dumpie speechless with culinary contentment.

Unfortunately, having purchased the grossly overpriced imported Kellogs Cornflakes with Almonds has proven to be a mistake as Dumpie hates any kind of nut and will sit on the shaded marble porch, eating his cereal, and simply spit the offending mouthfuls in a messy spray around him - making a feast for bugs and necessitating his first costume change mere minutes after having been dressed for the day.

Egg is much more nut amenable and is happy with whatever cereals are proffered, but still cannot bring himself to like bananas or porridge (one of only about three meals we are capable of making here on our modest portable two ring burner). However he does seem to have developed an affinity for lemon sugar pancakes, papaya, watermelon, grapes, oranges and pineapple. So I can't see how shirking the banana - however potassium rich - is a major concern.

Treats-wise, I guess my giant retro glass biscuit jar has not been the best idea, as the boys are taunted by the yummy chocolate bourbon delights I keep in there. Although purposely put high up out of reach on top of the fridge, Dumpie has no problem scaling the appliance by way of a box of bottled water, in order to avail himself and his brother of snacks whenever the mood strikes.

And isn't it funny how food you would never, ever eat at home suddenly becomes an object of culinary desire when overseas? I've recently purchased a jar of expensive imported Nutella, and my oh my does it go down a treat when spread thickly over the crunchy crispy squares of near-burnt perfection which pose as toast over here. Yummmm.

Anyway, all this food talk is making me hungry. Time for a handful of savoury spicy Indian snacks...

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