Tuesday, 7 April 2009

This is my 190th post. It's amazing to me that i've had this many things to say. I wonder if you divided them into categories: the trivial...the really trivial...hardcore moaning...petty....pointless drivel....mildly amusing - where the bulk of my words would slot in? Ah you see, it's all perspective isn't it...

To me, Dumpie climbing fully-clothed into a bidet and trying to give himself a bath is 'mildly amusing' but to a businessman in say Buffalo who accidentally comes across my site while searching for some low-grade porn (let's not go there again), this stuff is 'really trivial' or perhaps 'pointless drivel'. (If my husband was allowed to have an opinion he'd slot the whole lot - plus most of my daily discourse - into 'hardcore moaning'...but then as stated before, by virtue of being wed to yours truly he ain't allowed to express any negativity about his wife outside a 5 mile circumference of our home...nixing cyberspace then.)

Dumpie is clearly immune from any sort of child/parental protocol. Today I accidentally swiped his knee whilst closing a cupboard door and he muttered (rather pissed off I might add), "Ouch that hurt!" and was actually sneering at me when he said it...sneering!

On another note, my mouth surgery has been reinstated. I was lost (in the NHS system) but apparently now I've been found. Hurrah. (I think.) They have offered to sedate me with a needle, but given my needle phobia I can't see that happening anytime soon (this from the girl whose phobia is so pronounced that when pregnant with Egg, the thought of an epidural sent me screaming towards towards the 'natural labour' ward - ha - little did i know).

Well, I'm off now. Have to get ready for our nightly fix of 'The Wire' - a realistic cops n' robbers show which we've recently gotten into the habit of watching from semi-prone positions on 'the world's most comfortable bed'. The whole series is on BBC2 nightly at 11:20pm and it's brilliant because a hefty dose of escapism centred around drugs, death and corruption is just what we need before resting our weary heads for the night to begin the whole rigamorole of child rearing and corporate prostitution for another day. Really.


  1. So I have just come across your blog by chance (I wasn't even looking for low-grade porn - or high-grade for that matter!) and I like it.
    All of it. It's not moaning - it's relating, retelling, reliving ..and it's done well. I'll be sure to revisit.
    If you have a moment, take a look at my blog - there's a lot of hardcore moaning in there ... but no high-grade porn!
    All the best,

  2. Hi SK, well lucky you - you've happened upon me :)
    haha...love the name of your blog will check it out for sure. Thanks for nice sentiments, encouragement and allowing me to feel (for another day at least) that my life isn't just pointless moanings in vain...


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