Saturday, 18 April 2009


Dumpie and I are currently embroiled in a row.  It's my fault really - and due to a simple misunderstanding.  It began in the kitchen when Dumpie gestured upwards toward a bulging jar of chocolate Easter eggs perched high up on a cupboard and demanded, "Nannie!"  I outrightly refused,and we went back and forth for some time saying, "Nannie", "No", "Nannie", "No", etc. until I finally muttered "Like it or lump it..." which Dumpie misheard as 'blahblahblah...or crumpet'.  Dumpie LOVES crumpets (especially when toasted with butter and melted cheese).

(And sorry - can I just interject here and say that I've never in my life used such an expression...I truly have no idea where that came from...???)

So anyway, for the next twenty minutes it has been "Crumpet!.....Crumpet!.....Crumpet!" and no matter what I say he remains convinced that I am not only cruelly withholding crumpets, but have reneged on such a tantalising prospect .  He's currently glaring at me across the room, clad adorably in a navy blazer and giving me a lot of attitude.

The boys have spent the morning at a local greasy spoon, stuffing their faces on a Saturday morning fry up with eggs, beans, sausages and bacon, while I have been here at home nursing a sore mouth and battling  a killer migraine.  They have also charmingly come home with armloads of sticks and branches from the park, adding to their collection downstairs by the front door and endangering not only the hygiene of this home but my own personal safety. ( I can't tell you the number of times I've been caught in the crossfire of their latest dueling match or fencing competition this past week.  I've suffered a fair few whacks to the head since this particular obsession for rudimentary weaponry recently took hold.)

This weekend we've been amusing ourselves by making recordings of Dumpie's latest vocabulary outpourings.  Here's a few to add to the list:

"Toad" (cold)
"Moon" (spoon)
"Pappa-Dee" (cup of tea)
"Oopsy-Doo-Dah" (literal translation...must have gotten that from me...oopsy!)

Also, though two and a half, Dumpie still shows no signs of being ready for toilet training.  In fact it's quite the opposite.  This morning he showed up at my bedside at some ungodly hour, did his usual grabbing me round the ears, shouting happily, "Wake Up Mama Waaaaake Uuuuuuup!!"

He then tossed a clean nappy, a packet of nappy bags and a package of wet wipes onto the bed, indicating that he would like to be changed.  I kid you not.


  1. The stick gun/sword game. Accompanied by shouts from their mother of 'sticks stay outsiiiddddeee!', before she is whacked over the head followed by 'it wasn't me' followed by 'don't break my stick mummy' followed by tantrums, tears and general sulking from all involved including mummy. Yes, we know that game well. And the I'm not ready for potty training game. Boys. Sigh. Gotta love them or you'd go nuts.

  2. Oh wise have been there it seems. i suppose i'll just have to bear it and remember that one day a long way in the future I might actually miss being bashed about the head accidentally. Or maybe not :)


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