Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Fairground Attraction

The husband has just tossed a twenty pound note onto the kitchen table, strongly suggesting by doing so, that a trip to the local fun fair on the common today might be a good idea. I have already caught Dumpie floating it in his breakfast cereal, so now the sopping note is drying in the fruit basket and I'm trying to get through my triple shot cappuccino.

Hmmm....a fun fair. Well if this were North America it would be a fairly organised affair, reasonable rides overseen by bored but harmless enough teenagers. This being inner London, however lovely a neighbourhood, you know it's only going to be shambolic. There will be not-so-covert 'dealers' pacing the grounds, looking for impressionable youth to rip off and sell some ground basil to...twelve year olds dressed as twenty-year olds, flaunting pre-pubescent wares to other eager youths or worse -forty-something 'Daddies'...rides that jerk, stop, spin and come to an end just as they're gaining momentum, and causing restless, disappointed children to scream for another round at five quid a know, 'Fun, fun, fun..."

Nonetheless the boys have been 'good' so they deserve a treat I suppose. Although by 'good' I don't really mean 'good' I mean just not horrifically 'bad'. There have been no floods, drawing on walls with indelible marker or shoving each other down the stairs headfirst in quite some time. However there has been a fair bit of pilfering on the sweetie front, a broken vase full of daffodils yesterday, and a still missing dvd remote control that seems to have gone the way of some other past valuables...(ie. is languishing pointlessly in a landfill site somewhere, waiting to be bought up by the Chinese..)

Ah well, it's a new day and newly wired on caffeine, a huge burst of sunshine to entice me outdoors, a milky twenty pounds winking promisingly at me, and the promise of a road trip this weekend, life doesn't seem all that bad.

On the other hand, our tenants have just informed us of a mouse infestation, a dishwasher that needs replacing and a kitchen and bathroom which need to be replaced. Add to that my ever-painful mouth (which sadly doesn't prohibit me from ravishing mini easter creme eggs), falling house prices (our lovely home is now worth 20% less than when we purchased it at the height of property mania in 2007), and airline tickets back to Canada this summer currently costing more than the average used car.

Nevermind, my new resolve is to try and live each day as it comes. Therefore I shall not worry about: bikini season, mortgages, home renovations, upcoming surgeries, creditcard bills, encroaching middle age, or the fact that Dumpie has now taken to hiding bits of unwanted food morsels in various 'secret locations' around the house.

(Note the toast and raspberry jam found in utility cupboard above)...


  1. Is that the funfair on Clapham Common?

    I have given up going to fairs with the boys - the last time, every single ride made Littleboy 1 feel sick, although he still insisted on going on them. You end up spending a small fortune on pointless rides and overpriced junk food, and can only get through it by downing a few jugs of cider yourself....

  2. Indeed it is! Oh so that's what I did wrong - I went stone cold sober :)


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