Saturday, 10 May 2008

Green Thumbs

Hola People!
Yes, it's been ages since I've written, but if i told you what I've been caught up in you wouldn't believe me anyway, and indeed would think me a possible lunatic, so instead I'll just keep that to myself and continue on relaying the domestic trials and tribulations which make up my everyday.

Most recently, the big dilemma at home has been the advent of divine weather, and the subsequent refusal of the boys to stay inside and play...preferring instead to cavort on our outdoor terrace like feral children. Our ample terrace is just off the dining room and provides just enough of an enticement for Dumps (being one level up from ground) to continue with the 'heave-ho' antics he indulged in whilst in Florida....who needs a piddly balcony when you have a terrace at your disposal?

This week we have lost the following items to his good overhead right arm (sound familiar?): sippee cups, two balls, several stuffed animals, a spoon, a broom and some play-doh toys. In addition to gleefully hoisting domestic items over the rail (never to be recovered again given that they fall into a locked, closed area which does not belong to us, is rarely frequented, and requires keys to enter) Dumps is a rather fond perpetrator of flower annhilation.

The lovely purple blooms outside of our kitchen fell victim to the snatch n' grab sweaty palms of Dumpie this past week and are sadly much depleted. Meanwhile Egg has discovered some fun digging tools and has used them to joyfully uproot some of our lovely plants and desoil many small potted trees, while at the same time littering our terrace with mud, uprooted greenery and a few smashed ceramic pots (sigh).

Egg has also made friends with the waiter of the excellent Italian restaurant next door. He and Dumps have discovered several large glass ceiling windows outside which when opened, provide a perfect view into the restaurant kitchen, whistling chefs and endless possibilities. Egg and Dumps perch tippy-toed on the iron guard rails, and chat amicably (or if it is Dumps, scream and grunt) to the chefs in the hot kitchen, with whom they are forging new friendships. It is only a matter of time till a sock or a sippee cup falls from the 'sky' into a great big pot and a deep satisfying chortle is heard from above.

Right now Jay is researching our local garden center to see if they deliver. We are planning a 'family fun day out' (smell my sarcasm) to dispense with a decent amount of her Majesty's banknotes, in order to jazz up our terrace for the summer. Of course in a mere few days I expect it will be mere rubble - a graveyard for massacred greenery; but we all need our illusions and delusions and on this front i'll allow my idealistic hubby his.

And I won't even say 'I told you so". How's that for a good wife?

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