Sunday, 27 April 2008

Home Safe and Sound

So we made it back home in one piece. Despite me not sleeping the entire flight (Dumpie my lap chap had other ideas and used the 10 odd hours to practise blood-curdling screams for an upcoming vampire role) I arrived remarkably good-spirited. This might have had something to do with the worlds nicest cab driver who escorted us back from Gatwick. For the hour it took to negotiate London traffic, he told me his life story and proved a rich mine of idiosyncrasies which I fully intend to exploit if I ever manage to write that novel I've been planning for the past several years. At any rate, when he dropped off our grubby and flight-worn crew at the door, I heaved a sigh of relief and was glad to be home. Travel really takes it out of you when you have kiddies and can't just pop a valium, read a mag or abuse the inflight bar service.
Egg insisted on sleeping in our bed last night after tearfully confiding that his room was 'scary' and full of monsters and gave him bad dreams. Short of this place being prime for a remake of an 'Amityville' horror flick (which might explain why the former occupants sold on this gem of a home after only living here 6 months!) I suspect it's just a case of Egg having watched too much telly and possessing a healthy imagination. (Funnily enough it's 'Finding Nemo' - the adorable cartoon fish movie - which is the main culprit this time bizarre.

At any rate, Jay puffs on a clove cigarette outside while our jetlagged babies run riot in the front room. My laptop currently busted I am taking full advantage of borrowing Jay's and so this is going to be a short one. Having slept in till 11am this morning, we dabbled around the place all morning before heading out into dark skies around 3pm. With no A-Z (London map book) handy, we clumsily negotiated the streets of southwest London through Balham and down to Tooting where we got caught in lightening and torrential downpour a few times, but still managed to have a nice latte and a spicy curry later on (not together of course, that would be disgusting).

So it is with some regret I sign off and go to see what havoc has been wreaked by my offspring in our formerly clean lounge. They are both obsessed with the funniest/coolest toy of all time (a miniature galloping horse which runs on one AA battery) and as i speak I can hear the tinny clippity-clop of the horse and rider punctuated by yelps of delight off Dumps and giggles from Egg. Ride 'em cowboy.

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