Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Bye-Bye "Bitty" Bye-Bye

Almost without realizing it (scared that if i focused too much on the fact it wouldn't happen) I have managed to wean my bittalicious Dumps off the B-I-T-T-Y. (For those of you not in the know, 'Bitty' is a term for breast feeding which hails from a most vulgar but hilarious British comedy skit wherein a grown man continues to breast feed from his aging matriarch...it caught on early on and like the monikers 'Egg' and 'Dumps' we've never been able to shake it).
Anyway, his last 'feed' was at 7 am YESTERDAY morning and thus far i've been distracting him with all manner of activities and tasty treats in order to not draw his attention to the fact that his favourite pastime is no longer. Today I ceremoniously threw aside my old bra's and put on a cute red and white stripey number and was most amazed to see what a difference it made to my figure. My sis Ramona will be most pleased as she is the family 'Bra Police' and can't bear bad undergarments!

I won't say this whole process was easy. Early this morning around 4:30am Dumps starting wailing, then sobbing, then screaming, then yelling, 'Baaaa....Baaaa' (for my sis) until he eventually fell asleep 'Bitty-less' after about an hour. Heartbreaking but necessary.

This momentous occasion hasn't come a moment too soon however, as on Friday Auntie Ba, myself and the two monsters are going to board a 9.5 hour flight to Orlando, Florida to go and visit 'Grandpa' for two weeks. I was shuddering inside imaging the looks of horror on fellow passengers as Dumps decided to help himself to the 'in-flight bar service' courtesy of good ol' Mama, and unzipped my top or got my bits out for himself and slurped noisily and with gusto....nightmare. Now of course I have a different sort of problem because at least when he was feeding I could quiet him and put him to sleep whenever he got bored or cranky. With no such powers now, I'll have to rely on treats, distractions and countless strolls up and down the crowded charter airline, as well as deal with the food tray being pulled down and slammed shut repeatedly (much to the consternation of passengers in front) and food being whipped over seats. Can't wait.

Anyway, enough moaning. As my husband points out (repeatedly) I am lucky to being going away at all. I wonder if he needs reminding of our India trip in December when we both admitted that at this age and stage of the boys lives, it's not really a holiday, more like a 'snatch-and-grab' of moments of fun/peace interspersed with hardcore kiddie management.

Speaking of kiddie management, currently both boys are cuddled up on the big sofa together watching 'The Night Garden' - their favourite telly show. Whenever the theme song begins little Dumps runs to the other room, points at the screen and babbles, then clambers up on the sofa beside Egg and they spend a happy half hour together. It really is rather adorable - the sight of their two little heads from behind...makes you go all squishy inside :)

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