Monday, 14 April 2008

"Eww...Poo...Lemon Too..."

Egg has taken to saying this bizarre new catchphrase several times a day. Not quite sure how or why he made it up but it's uniquely his and I am becoming rather used to it...which may not be a good thing.
The boys sit here on their makeshift little table, complete with miniature bench, sipping their morning 'milkshakes' courtesy of Grandpa. It is very cute...every morning they sit at the breakfast bar on two high matching stools and watch him concoct his healthy breakfast. Egg queries every single ingredient and Dumps just shouts along encouragement. Unfortunately for Dad it contained berries...staining berries...and I fear for his creme colour scheme and carpet.

Dumps currently has a favourite game which involves whipping a big chunky remote control at your head repeatedly until you turn the telly on, then he runs up to the screen and finds the tiny power button and presses it off. Egg hates this of course because he's discovered the Disney channel and with it 'Mickey Mouse' and much like a crackhead wants to be allowed to indulge in peace.

The boys idolize their Grandpa and just this morning I heard Egg compliment him by saying, "Grandpa you are very smart you know. I can tell that you are very smart by the things that you do." (haha). Dumps for his part is besotted with Dad and treats him much like a giant teddy bear - and can often be found splashed across his chest or reclining in the crook of his arm watching telly...chubby legs akimbo and looking rather pleased with himself.

Dad's just gone off to play tennis now and Egg is not very pleased. He says that Grandpa promised to take him to cut the grass this morning with the toy lawnmower here and feels that it should be given precedence. Both boys feel right at home here and that includes raiding the fridge for juicy watermelon and the cupboards for yummy biscuits. In fact right now I hear a rustling I had better attend to.

Auntie Ba is still blissfully asleep and I sit here slumped in the corner, desperate for a little more time on my pillow. Fat chance of that.

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