Friday, 20 June 2014

"I'm Baaaaaack...(In Black)"

It is beyond shameful.  I have not updated my once beloved blog in SO LONG that it's like one of those awkward moments when you run into a former best friend at a checkout till, arms bulging with cut-price wine, trying to mumble an excuse as to why you have failed to get in touch for so long (though I suppose the eight bottles of precariously balanced wine might do the trick) and feeling horrendously guilty.

I suppose that's part of it.  I have been so busy trying to juggle this crazy life o' mine these past several months that frankly, I have had to abandon all former personal pleasures: reading, telly watching, baking, shopping (okay, not that) and former dvd habit - just to name a few.  I simply have NOTHING left in me at the end of each day, to the point that I give myself a metaphorical pat on the back should I manage to floss my teeth and apply my under eye cream (these days a necessary evil) before lurching into the soft folds of my duvet and promptly passing out.

So I'm sure you can understand how despite the personal importance of this blog to me, I have simply been so awash in dirty pants (not my own), endless scrubbing, sorting, scouring, hanging, grocery shopping, dishwasher emptying, school running, bum wiping, lunch making, etc. that all non-Cinderella pastimes have faded into the ether of yesteryear.

Until today.

Why today you ask?  Why choose to start piping up again after all this time?

Come on people, surely you know me by now.  When I get so incredibly desperate, hovering on the edge of insanity, about to blow my brains into smithereens if I have to scrape just one more splatter of dried poo off one more toilet...well, it stands to figure that when I'm JUST about to lose the plot, I turn to the (relative) anonymity of my blog to release even just a tad of the pressure.  (So I don't have to be carted off to the funny farm, howling about forgetting my candy yum-yum lipstick and clutching my portable speakers blaring "My Silver Lining"...tears running down my mascara-streaked face.)

So that's where I am now.

Oh, and did I mention that we're in the midst of trying to move home?

....more tomorrow folks :)

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