Sunday, 20 January 2013

Calling All Remaining Passengers...

We are at Mumbai Airport about to board a 9 hour plane ride home. Oh my. That last 'Slice' (sugar masquerading as as a mango drink - which the monsters are now totally re-addicted to) is now looking like a very bad idea. Dumpie is trying to dive bomb my handbag which he knows is stuffed with 'plane treats' and Egg is still pouting about having been shamed into spending 40 of his precious rupees on an airport ice cream cone for he and his brother.

Meanwhile The Fat Baby sleeps. This is not good. I mean it is, but there is no way he is now going to sleep a wink on the plane. The other thing there is no way he is going to do is fit in the bloody bassinet - even if I could squish him in there. On the way over we had to fold his legs into a yoga position (cross legged) and he's even bigger than he was three weeks ago.

All this and on three hours sleep last night. Rock and roll. Wish me luck.

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