Saturday, 12 January 2013

Alls Well That Ends In Chocolate

Woke this morning to the sound of breaking breaking glass...on my head! Yep, the baby had obviously grown tired of sticking his little fingers up my nose and in my ears, and his usual foolproof method of punching and pulling my hair hadn't managed to rouse me from my delicious dream, so my 11 month old grabbed a nearby glass and smashed it over my head. That worked. I woke up screaming and cursing.

I'm pleased to report though that the day got progressively better: aloo parathas, lime pickle and curd for brekkie, followed by swimming in the sea with the monsters in the afternoon then an almost two hour 'porno-massage' which saw me begging the masseuse for one last session before we leave in a week.

Yet another lovely dinner on the beach was marred only by dumps taking up with another little boy (older, a hustler) and haranguing people on the beach for money in return for jokes, riddles and mind games. Oh the shame. He made 30 rupees though and is mildly pissed off that the takings weren't divided fairly down the middle - esp as dumps was used as bait to soften the marks up:)

Anyway a day that ends with the sound of waves in our ears and a still warm homemade brownie propped up next to us is no bad thing.

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