Thursday, 6 January 2011

"Please Pass the 'Schhlocket' "

Why use a glass?
Dumpie has inexplicably begun speaking with a Dutch accent.  Well actually more like a Dutch baby.  Friends of ours recently visited and their two year old was just getting to grips with language.  Dumpie must have decided somewhere along the line that cute blurted out words, winning smiles and pointing are the way forward in terms of garnering adult attention.

For why else would he be addressing me thus:

"Me schleepy...go schleepy now Maaaamaaaa."

As opposed to what he would have typically said previously:

"I am NOT going to bed now because I am NOT sleepy.  If you are sleepy than YOU go to bed.  I am going to stay up and watch Star Wars."

I seem to recall that 'acting like a baby' behaviour is totally normal and will usually cease on its own, and that it's best to just go with the flow and tolerate your child's linguistic and behavioural regression.  However, given that some of this 'baby behaviour' is manifesting itself in a sudden surge of 'wee accidents' is not encouraging.

Though I suppose in one sense it does make a nice change from being mouthed off to by a four year old  too clever for his own good.  And one who, until the recent Dutch affectation, was speaking with a mild Indian accent (something my sister on ichat found to be most amusing).

The husband and I have now given up all pretence of trying to 'tame' the boys while we are here.  When we are out they quickly disappear, swallowed up in bands of marauding little savages who roam the beach, building forts, hassling each others parents for money to buy ice cream, and chase each other around waving big sticks.  It all looks like great fun, and if it weren't for the nervous fear hovering around the edges of my consciousness, that we may never fully be able to 'socialise' them back into 'normal society', then I suppose I wouldn't give it a second thought.

But at some point they are going to have to realise that wearing shoes is NOT optional, that dirty fingernails are NOT okay, that running up tabs for mango drinks and milkshakes in various restaurants is NOT on, and that taking off for ages at a time without letting us know is NOT going to be tolerated forever.

Of course it's not all bad.  Both boys can now sit in the lotus position, little fingers curled gracefully by their knees, and Egg can even chant a Hindi meditational singsong.  It's rather cute actually.  And they have both made so many new and amazing friends from all over the world.  (Egg even recently procured the email address of a rather fetching ten year old girl from England who expressed an interest in keeping in touch via their respective Nintendo's!)

With just a month and a half left to go in India I suppose I should just let them roam wild and free while they can.  And if that means, in Dumpies case at least, being a Dutch speaking serial bed wetter...then so be it.
The world's best playground?!

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