Friday, 1 October 2010

One Week Left In Bali...

It's raining.  Again.  In Bali.  (Go figure - and this isn't even the rainy season).

I'm living primarily on lattes and vegan platters, spending most of my time in the music studio here working on songs and taking advantage of the last bit of childcare before it all goes 'POOF!" a week tomorrow and vast swathes of free 'creative' ME time become nothing but a distant memory.

Saying that, yesterday i went on a jewelry making course.  It was fun.  Too much fun in fact.  I wonder, have i missed my calling?  I spent three hours fashioning a cool silver circular pendant, after which I stamped the title of one of my favourite tracks 'She's Come Undone' on the front.  But then I noticed the Californian blond to my left had made this gorgeous chunky stone ring and I had major simply little pendant looked rather - well, simple in comparison.  So I may have to go back one more time and make a knuckle duster worthy of a hardcore fashionista.

Dumpie's all excited because today at school they're making chocolate cake.  He and Eggie are counting down the days before we leave.  Not that they're excited to be going, but rather they need something to be able to talk about besides the Tom & Jerry cartoons they watch incessantly.

Dumpie:  "Who won Eggie?"

Eggie:  "Jerry won Dumps....Jerry always wins....stop asking me"

Poor Egg...poor long suffering Egg.  Not only does his nearly-four year old little brother trash his toys, steal the best ones and break the others - but he now requires a play by play of all cartoon animation on telly.  The two of them lie side by side on the giant green floor pillow, ignoring requests for bedtime, dinner time or brush teeth time.  

Oh well.  The little monsters may as well indulge because it's going to be a rude shock going back to having no telly in Goa.  However I'm secretly pleased.  Hopefully it will spell an end to the re-enacted fighting scenes Dumpie insists upon and the Ben 10 nightmares Egg sometimes suffers from.

That just leaves great chunks of 'family time' for us to fill up as we see fit.  Oops - that reminds me...must make quick pitstop at video store before we leave and load up on new movies.  If I see 'Chicken Little' one more time I'm going to lose the will to live.

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  1. So it's back to Goa now? When are you returning to the UK?
    Your life in Bali sounded just fabulous....


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