Friday, 3 September 2010

"Rabies-n'-Flu...Rabies-n'-Flu...I've Gotta Watch Out For Rabies-n'-Flu"

Have recently become concerned.  Our gardener hasn't been here in days, and I shudder to think of what wildlife is thriving in the neglected lawn below.  The poor fellow has been off sick - with what we're not entirely sure - but enough to necessitate a hospital visit.

Then yesterday Kadek the Pembantu begged off early as she was looking rather feverish and her eyes were rolling in her head.  As she departed I asked whether she could drop off our laundry on her way home (we're in the midst of a severe 'pants crisis' at the moment and Egg and the husband are the only ones with a clean pair left, whilst poor Dumps and I have been having to go commando...)

Kadek just looked at me, shaking her head.  I know she must think me a complete cow - but hey, I had to ask.  Then, in a conciliatory gesture, I offered her our salad remains for her pet pig, but she just stared at me, no doubt cementing her opinion of me as a totally oblivious and/or heartless employer. 

If you consider that the husband and wife of our local restaurant have also recently been struck down with Denge Fever (the husband ascertained this once he realised that he was putting in our dinner order to the fellow via the local hospital) it does not really bode well.  That's ALL we need.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the recent outbreak of Rabies here in the local area?  Nice...

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