Wednesday, 15 September 2010

In A Restaurant Rut

Sorry for the silence...I realise it's been several days since I last posted.  A few times a year I take a little break from my blog - usually when life is a touch troublesome and all my attention is getting spent on the mundane...just getting through the days.

Our staff of three is now down to a staff of one, on account of various bugs, illnesses and flu.  As we wind down to our last few weeks in Bali, it seems as though things are losing their lustre a little.

Take food for example.  When we first got here, after the simplistic groceries we made do with from our  local village shop in Goa, the supermarkets here blew our minds.  We went mental on brand names:  Ritz Crackers....Oreo Cookies...Jiff Peanut Butter...Smucker's Raspberry name it we indulged.

But then, something funny happened.  We started going off our favourite foods after prolonged exposure.  I even had my fill of freshly prepared gourmet salads (as is well documented in previous posts!).

Then the Restaurant Rut hit.

We have a handful of favoured restaurants here in Bali - loved for their proximity to our home, the tastiness factor, and how likely the monsters are to actually eat their dinner.  But after four months of these same restaurants, it's starting to wear thin.

Yesterday I found myself hankering for a homemade lasagna.  Then I began salivating over the memory of my favourite M&S Sarnie (Cheese and Celery if you must know) and Salt 'N Vinegar crisps.

Dare I say it...dare I admit it?

Yep, I find myself MISSING British food.

I must have a flu bug or something which has gone to my brain.  How else to explain?

Of course, next month when we're back in India and onto our usual fare of Dal and Chappati every day...I expect I'll have something to moan about then too.

Still, at this present moment, if I never see another Nasi Goreng again in my life it will be too soon.

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  1. You will soooo regret thinking like this. what you are on is a once in a lifetime journey. Try to stay positive even in the mundane as soon it will be over and you really will wish you were back there as the mundane in overcast, polluted, "rude", London is not as pleasant. And you know it! You might miss it but on balance it's kind of grim here too, as the day to day mundane always is. Unfortunately...


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