Tuesday, 27 April 2010

"Getting Nowhere..."

I am sitting here in an internet cafe next to the husband. Opposite us is a young woman who is supposedly a travel agent....after all we are IN a travel agency.

However, she is having great difficulty coming to terms with our request to find flights to Bali. I am not sure which part has her flummoxed, but it is clear that we would have much better luck taking a taxi to the airport ourselves and arranging from there, then waiting for her to get to grips with the whole 'booking flights online' scenario.

To be fair, she is probably someones auntie or something, filling in for her uncle the owner.

She's got great nails though, and a cool ring on her phone. And she's wearing rather tight fitting designer jeans.

What has become clear, is that we are getting nowhere. And that I have excellent powers of observation.

I wonder where she got her jeans?.....

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