Monday, 22 February 2010

"Kindergartens and Villas"

Tomorrow Dumpie starts at the local 'Kindergarten' here in Goa (ie. nursery). Conveniently, it will be mere yards away from the house we'll be renting, which - for those who know us - is both a result, and completely necessary if he intends to ever get there within the operating hours (8:30-1pm).

It shall be an interesting experience given that a) it's in India b) it's his first time at nursery...ever c) he's only four days toilet-trained d) it's being taught by a German, a Spaniard and two Indians ie. 'mega-lingual'. I must confess that I look forward to hilarious bits of discourse with Dumps in the coming weeks as he tries out his unique blend of Hinglish/Germanic/Spanish mishmash.

Yesterday we ran into old friends of ours from London. They have coincidentally come to Goa for a month and this being their first time ever on the Indian subcontinent, we are completely astounded (not to mention green with envy) that within mere hours of arrival they have not only managed to make a load of new mates (getting themselves - and us by proxy) invited to a sunset cocktail party, but have sorted themselves out with the loveliest villa I have ever seen on these shores.

It is on lush riverside landscape, boasts a gorgeous outside garden, breathtaking views and has the distinct advantage of being on the path of local fisherman who daily pass by and offer to sell some of their catch of the day...which can then be grilled up on their state of the art outdoor barbeque....nice.

But the piece-de-resistence is the on-site 24 hour butler/security guard/babysitter/errand boy/cleaner/laundry boy and all round 'Boy Friday'. Lucky sods. I expect we shall be spending a fair amount of time over the next month hanging round their plush digs - if only to get our bags of filthy clothes laundered and avail ourselves of the free babysitting option :)

We have decided to go for the two bedroom house option, which although far superior to the one room beachside hovel in which we currently dwell, is by no means anywhere near a 5* standard.

Still, we are not a 5* crew....might as well face it...and I'm sure with a bit of spit and polish and some lurking round local markets, I can do something with the place and make it cozy and homey. Besides, it's authentic Goan digs and kind of cool in its squalor, and apparently boasts warm water. Having spent the better part of a week shrieking under cold showers this is more of a draw then you can imagine.

Now, if I can drag Dumpie to his Kindergarten tomorrow AND make him stay, I somehow don't see myself getting teary-eyed or sentimental. But I do rather expect there is a high likelihood of being called on my local Indian mobile phone and told to come pick up my child immediately as he has done a wee in the sand pit or tried to strangle another child over a piece of watermelon.

Or, more likely, given our proximity to the school, I wouldn't be at all surprised to turn around whilst unpacking and see that Dumpie has simply wandered back home...leaving a young German teacher pulling her hair out in panic and forthwith rescinding his offer of acceptance.

I wonder if tuition costs are refundable?....


  1. He'll have a great time and have the young German teacher wrapped around his little finger in no time.

    Can't believe how quickly you have found accomodation, nursery, friends with plush villa (can you have it when they go?). What a brilliant time. You'll never come back. x

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