Monday, 1 February 2010

"Flash Those Pearly Whites"

I've decided, in a dual effort to rid our home of 'stuff' and have a glorious white smile to flash on the beaches of Goa, to embark on a 14-day treatment of home tooth bleaching. I realise that there are a million other tasks lined up on the sidelines frantically vying for my attention, but no...priorities. Plus, it hasn't escaped my attention that we depart these shores in exactly 14 days and there is something stupidly pleasing about finishing the course on the day we leave.

I call it madness because after only one treatment, my already sensitive teeth are buzzing with pain. Like I need this right now. Moreover, both Egg and the husband were looking at me with a mixture of incomprehension and pity this morning, as they weren't aware I was wearing the yucky tasting gel strips, and hence were a bit puzzled/put off by my incoherent lisping and inability to communicate over breakfast.

Spoke to our estate agent this morning, who confirmed what we had already suspected. The couple who viewed our home on the weekend have decided against our place (how dare they?!) and ergo - the four hours we spent frantically turning this tip into a show home of sorts was a TOTAL.WASTE.OF.TIME. (sigh)

Today, aside from packing up the lovely portraits and family pictures which adorn our dining room wall, I have done sweet little else but frantically order Disney dvds online.

You see, I've decided that since Egg and Dumpie have the uncanny ability to watch the SAME movies over and over, therein lies the answer to our future problems. When boredom hits in India and whilst I have my headphones on and 'Dada' is off cycling round villages with reggae blaring off his portable speakers, the monsters can watch 'Shrek 2' for the fifteenth time and be none the worse off for it.

Never mind the school little men will be educated by the 'school of Disney' (which dictates that the good guy always wins out in the end, the boy always gets the girl, and the evil witch is always defeated....).

With the future well-being of the boy's emotional behavioral expectations sorted, that leaves me with the freedom to get back to sorting out my now horribly sensitive teeth.

Off to buy some sensitive mouth toothpaste (and maybe another dvd)...


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