Sunday, 22 March 2009

"Happy Mama Day"

This morning two tousle-haired hobbits trundled up the stairs into our top-floor bedroom, bearing precariously-balanced plates of chocolate croissants and special 'Mother's Day' cookies. Egg gave me a quick kiss and cuddle before disappearing back downstairs to pummel his beloved Nintendo some more, but Dumpie was not to be separated from such scrumptious fare and so took up position at the side of our bed staring pointedly at the plate and gently fingering the pastry.

"Do you want a bite Dumpie?"

"Yep," said Dumps, and promptly bit into the croissant spraying chocolate slivers all along the bed. I couldn't get a bite in edgewise after that and so a few minutes later I sent Dumps down with one of the plates and instructions to share the rest with Egg. (In all likelihood Eggie never saw a crumb as it's a pretty good bet that a quick pit-stop was made en route for a sneaky gobble before the goods ever made it to the kitchen.)

Anyway we went to church this morning and right after prayers Dumpie thought it would be a good time to pull out his 'Exorcist voice' (he does this scary hoarse voice once in awhile) and hankering after something sweet all of the sudden demanded, "Nannies!" I tried to ignore him, but of course that was futile, and he continued in his louder and louder scary voice to hold me ransom for candies. All I had was some bubblegum, so with strict whispered instructions I doled it out to the monsters and bought myself ten more minutes.

Anyway, I had a lovely Mother's Day and my dear husband pretended not to notice the extravagant display of my new jewelry (pics of the 'bling-bling' to follow tomorrow). Moreover he got top marks for having picked up the not-so-subtle request for CHOCOLATE loud and clear and I'm pleased to announce that I am now the proud recipient of a gourmet box of two dozen hand-picked choccies....oh yeah - and some killer jewelry :)

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